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Since 1998

What once was a vision for a South Asian woman, became a reality in 1998, when Mezban Restaurant & Caterers was originally formed under a different name in the Northwest part of Houston. We were a small restaurant that marked its footprint in the Houston restaurant and catering scene by serving a variety of amazing, fresh, quality cuisine that truly satisfied its customers. The heart of our success has always been the food – an authentic culinary experience with a real touch of panache.

Our Story

Sohail Feroze , moved here in the early 1990’s from London England, his mother who had a dream of opening a restaurant, had to force him to run this mom & pop operations. His flair and aggressive service has lead to Mezban to the leader in South Asian catering.

Born in London, England, He was originally brought up with wholesome family values to respect others and help those around him. He is a firm believer of traditional and conventional values. Sohail is confident that there is a vision for a Modern Pakistani Restaurant which offers full service catering to another level. He realized in Mezban Restaurant & Catering, will prosper in the community and throughout Houston and surrounding areas.

His patrons drive from various outlying cities to experience this unique setting, atmosphere, and gourmet cuisine. Sohail is recognized for having fair prices without having to degrade the quality of food and service. Each item is hand prepared with quality ingredients separating itself from others like it.
Sohail has woven his restaurant in the social network community giving opportunity to his patrons to voice their thoughts, opinions and suggestions to further enhance the overall social experience. This has created a continually evolving culture that would integrate and become part of the community.
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